What program do you use for your digital works?

Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

What brushpen do you use?:

  • BLACK : Brand: KURETAKE / ZIG (by KURETAKE) brush writer No. 11, 22, 24
  • GOLD:  Brand: KURETAKE / ZIG (by KURETAKE) Wink of Luna Metallic Brush Pen or Zig Gold Metallic Brush Pen

Are you open for commissions? Where can I inquire?

Most of the time, yes. For brand collaborations or personal commissions you can contact me here: contact page

Do you do requests/art trades?

I don’t do either at the moment.

Do you do free artwork for (x)? (I promise great exposure!)

As of now, I don’t do any artwork for free.

Any tips? (Aside from “Just practice”)

Probably draw from life and be inspired by life around you. There is no “right way” in being good or in drawing or anything related to creativity–that’s why we’re told to “think outside the box”. A lot of contemporary artists were told to stick in a certain mold and that’s what they didn’t do.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Constant diligence will pay off. Draw whenever you can. Don’t even stick to drawing, do sculpting if you feel like it, heck, take up crochet.

TL;DR Don’t limit yourself. :*

Where do you get your inspiration?

“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching, because whatever you see can inspire you.” – Grace Coddington, CD of American Vogue from film documentary The September Issue (2009)

I do have those uninspired days, but I remember that there are so many things to fall in love with. How the wind breathes into your face, how your beloved smiles or laughs, how your sister makes you laugh, how feathers line perfectly into the crevices of a fowl’s body, feelings, the feeling of feelings, the feeling of a stroke of a pen, how ink is absorbed differently on varied papers. I really love the small things in life. One really does need to keep their eyes open.

There’s also this Bob Ross video I adore and describes what I mean in great detail: